Empowering the Next Billion: Join Binance Blockchain Week in Istanbul!

• Binance is excited to announce their flagship event ‘Binance Blockchain Week’ coming to Istanbul, Turkey on November 8 & 9.
• The conference will feature prominent speakers and attract over 2000 people from all around the world, while millions more will tune in virtually.
• The event will focus on the future of Web 3.0 and how blockchain & crypto can empower the next billion people to improve their lives.

Binance Blockchain Week

Binance is proud to host Binance Blockchain Week in Istanbul, Turkey from November 8-9, 2023. This flagship event brings together industry leaders, innovators, policymakers, thought leaders and entrepreneurs for an immersive discussion about Web 3.0 and how blockchain and crypto can empower the next billion people.


The conference features over 100 prominent speakers from all over the world across two stages. Attendees will engage in conversations surrounding industry innovations, trends and issues – creating ideas, facilitating development and finding solutions to challenges.

Event Focus

The main focus of Binance Blockchain Week is empowering people with financial equity through blockchain technology. Discussions range from traditional finance vs decentralized finance to building businesses on the blockchain as well as bootstrapping successful projects within this space.


More than 2,000 people are expected to attend Binance Blockchain Week in person while millions more are expected to tune into the live stream worldwide through Binance Live . All attendees have the opportunity learn more about blockchain technology and become part of a new era of finance as they join a region of global innovation for this event.


Yi He (co-founder & CMO at Binance) said: “We look forward to hosting the global community at our upcoming flagship event…Our objective is to continue building Web 3.0 together and expand its potential for positive impact on society overall.” Join us at Binance Blockchain Week for an inspiring conversation about how we can use blockchain technology to empower everyone’s financial equity!