Ancient Bitcoin Whale Wakes Up, Reaps 13,435% Profit on 10-Year Hibernation

• A long-dormant Bitcoin whale has suddenly become active, transferring 1,432 BTC worth approximately $37.8 million to a new address.
• The address had been dormant since April 2013 when the price of BTC was $195.4, leading to a 13,435% profit over 10 years and 2 months.
• Dormant wallets are of interest due to the possibility they could belong to Satoshi Nakamoto and contain a vast fortune in BTC.

An Ancient Bitcoin Whale Awakens

Lookonchain reported that an ancient Bitcoin (BTC) whale had suddenly become active after lying dormant for 10.2 years. The whale transferred all 1,432.93 BTC worth approximately $37.8 million at current market prices to a new address ‘bc1psv’ five minutes ago.

Decade-Long Dormancy Reaps 13,435% Profit

The wallet had received 1,432.92 BTC on April 9th, 2013 when the price was $195.4 per coin – meaning it has appreciated by 13,435% over the ten-year period while remaining inactive and untouched until now. However during this time there were small transactions sent to the address which may have been dusting attacks from malicious actors or good actors such as academic researchers and law enforcement seeking information about the owner of the address without malicious intent.

Potential Link To Satoshi Nakamoto

Long-dormant wallets attract attention and interest due to the possibility that they could belong or be linked to Satoshi Nakamoto – whose online trail went cold in December of 2010 but is thought by blockchain researcher Sergio Lerner to have accumulated over one million Bitcoin in his wallet(s).

Dusting Attacks

During its dormancy minuscule amounts of Bitcoin were sent on occasion – an indication of possible dusting attacks being carried out against it by malicious actors with criminal intent such as attempting phishing attacks or extortion or by good actors such as those mentioned earlier conducting research into the identity behind the wallet address .


This unexpected activity from this long-dormant wallet is sure to attract lots of attention from both curious observers wanting uncover any potential link with Satoshi Nakamato’s fortune as well as other criminals keen on exploiting any vulnerability created by its reawakening for their own gain