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U-Hopper (UH)

U-Hopper ( is a high-tech SME providing solutions and technologies for the emerging fields of mobile crowdsensing, mobile data intelligence, and personalized services. U-Hopper builds its solutions on the concept of fully exploiting the information hidden in the enormous amount of data that can be collected using mobile phones, in terms of both usage patterns by subscribers as well as sensors customarily found in current smartphones (accelerometers, GPS, audio, and video).

Using cutting-edge data mining techniques and information analytics tools, U-Hopper solutions enable customers to identify and extract relevant patterns, with applications to a variety of domains, including mobile advertising, environmental monitoring in the form of personalized well-being, and urban mobility services that include mine location traces for personalized mobility services.

U-Hopper is a spin-off of the international research centre CREATE-NET ( U-Hopper focuses on the design, prototyping, and evaluation of innovative distributed and mobile sensing solutions. U- Hopper solutions target both public bodies including municipalities and public authorities as well as organizations in the private sector.

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Industrial Partner