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The Open University, UK (OU)

The Open University (OU) was chartered in 1969 and is currently the world leader in distance teaching and the largest university in the UK, with 240,000 students and 7,400 associate lecturers. The Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) department, set up in 1995, currently employs around 70 researchers and technologists working in the fields of the semantic web, knowledge management, social software, and multimedia systems. Our most relevant EU projects are the already concluded are IBROW (IST-1999-19005), DIP (FP6-507483), SUPER (FP6-026850), ServiceWeb 3.0 (FP7-216937), NeOn (FP7-027595), SOA4All (FP7-215219) projects, and three currently running: NoTube (FP7-231761), VPH-Share, and SEALS (FP7-238975).

United Kingdom
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Academic and Research Institute