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INNOVA S.p.A ( is a private company established in 1993. Currently, INNOVA covers a broad geographical area in Europe and in the United States with three branches in Italy (Roma, Lecce, and Cosenza), three ventures in Europe (France, Luxembourg, and Poland), and one venture in the U.S. (Boston, Massachusetts).

The company is made up of a pool of over 100 senior consultants and experts who have developed a long-standing and consolidated knowledge in the R&D and marketing activities conducted with highly-qualified European companies and universities. INNOVA operates in five major technology sectors, in which growth and development depend strongly on the use of new technologies, including information and communication technologies and intelligent industrial systems.

INNOVA assists industrial and research organisations in the implementation of their innovation strategies for the assessment and exploitation of advanced technologies and the valorisation of R&D results. It provides consultancy services to qualified European companies, to leading research centres and universities, to the EC, and to government representatives. These services further the development and exploitation of innovative solutions to improve processes, products, management, and organisational structures. So far, over 2,000 European companies and development agencies and universities have benefited from INNOVA services in project development, management, technology transfer, and general support in the innovation process.

Moreover, since 1998 INNOVA is involved in the coordination of the Innovation Relay Centres (IRCs), the largest TT network in the world, and since 2004, coordinates the IRE Secretariat, the Coordination Unit of the Innovating Regions in Europe for the valorisation of regional experiences and innovation practices. In addition, since 1996, INNOVA earned great experience in managing European research projects having promoted, managed, and participated to over 200 EC-funded projects. Some of the relevant European-funded projects in the area of IST and international co-operation in which INNOVA participates or has participated in include: HYDRA, EU-Domain, BEinGRID, SOLAR-ICT, ICT Cluster priority assessment and project identification, IST-Mentor, BASiC, Tristan- East, ECOSELL, GO4IT, and SINC-PRO.

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