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Centre for REsearch And Telecommunication Experimentation for NETworked Communities / CREATE-NET (CN)

CREATE-NET is an international research consortium based in Northern Italy, founded in April 2003 by some of the most prestigious universities and research centres in Europe. It has established a network of over 300 research partners throughout Europe, including top research institutions and companies. The centre also has significant collaborations with leading institutions in the US (MIT and GeorgiaTech), China (Tsinghua and BUPT), South Africa (SAP/Meraka), and Israel (Technion). CREATE-NET is engaged in combining highest quality research and addressing telecommunications and advanced services challenges, with experimentation on a unique real life testing and experimentation infrastructure in Trentino. The innovation is among the key objectives of CREATE-NET. It is a founding member of the European Alliance of Innovation (EAI), which is a grassroots movement initiated through cooperation among public, private and government organizations. The alliance addresses the global challenges of Europe’s future competitiveness through innovation, focusing on societal issues and application areas of greatest potential for ICT-driven innovations.

Partner Type: 
Research Institute