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Cellnex Telecom is one of the leading independent infrastructure operators for wireless broadcasting telecommunication in Europe. It offers a site-leasing service for telecommunications operators, like mobile telephone operators. Furthermore, Cellnex Telecom provides highly advanced audiovisual services to broadcasters.

Cellnex Telecom also develops solutions in the field of “smart city” projects in order to optimize citizens’ services via smart networks and ICT services that facilitate the integrated management of the city, aimed at energy and operational efficiency. In this framework, Cellnex Telecom is deploying a network of intelligent communications that allows connection between objects, and therefore the development of a solid ecosystem for the Internet of Things in Spain. Moreover, Cellnex Telecom also designs, deploys and operates WiFI networks for public administrations.

Cellnex Telecom its growth strategy with the impetus and development of digital technology for broadcasters, and with the development of integrated mobile telecommunication services to operators, corporate networks and security and emergency services.

Cellnex Telecom, as project coordinator of Wing TV project, received the Celtic Excellence Award in 2008 as one of the six most outstanding Eureka Celtic projects. Cellnex Telecom has a broad experience in several R+D projects, both Spanish and Europeans: The main are FURIA, AVMOV, ODITOFI, FINE, SafeTrip, J-Ortigia, Corage, B21C, ENGINES, CHORIST and iCITY.

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Industrial Partner