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First Italian IoT Day (09 April 2013): CREATE-NET opens the challenge

IoT Day 2013

On the 9th of April 2013, to mark the "IoT Day 2013" CREATE-NET is organising an informative event in Trento dedicated to the Internet of Things. The First Italian IoT Day will feature presentations from a number of field experts, with topics ranging from basic information on what is this technology, what allows you to do, how you can exploit it (examples of OpenPicus, Arduino programmable hardware kits will be showcased as well as products as GoodNightLamp).

The event will also provide an opportunity to gather an overview of two of the most important collaborative projects on IoT in European landscape (iCore and COMPOSE) through the eyes of CREATE-NET which has a primary role in these.Experts and "IoT makers" will gather in Trento to share experiences and show practical implementations and demonstrators made with simple, connected components, with the objective of making IoT a little bit more tangible to the audience of participants. 

The challenge for the Italian IoT Day will be to stimulate the interest and involvement of developers and Italian researchers in promoting IoT as a hotbed of innovation and aim to align the pace of IoT related activities to what is happening in foreign leading Countries such as US and UK. During the event there will also be the announcement of a follow-up event, in collaboration with WhyMCA, consisting of a hackathon open to various communities' of software developers, the so-called "IoT makers" and dedicated to the Internet of Things. The first Italian IoT day will close with an opportunity to see demonstrations and chat with the experts in the informal settings of an Italian “aperitivo” (snacks and drinks to “prepare” oneself for dinner).


More info: 

For more information about the First Italian IoT Day 2013 and an updated agenda visit the dedicated website at which also has a link to the registration website. The event is part of the main IoT Day list of events (see website at


Tuesday, April 9, 2013