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Don’t miss the WOT Hackathon in Zurich!

WOT Hackathon in Zurich

It is a technical warm-up for Web of Things 2013 and will take place in Zurich on September 8th 2013. The WoT Hackathon is free of charge and free to attend for anyone who is interested. All prototypes built during the WoT Hackathon will be show-cased during the demonstration session of WoT 2013 on September 9 2013 to all workshop participants.

This fourth international workshop on the Web of Things (WoT 2013) will be held in conjunction with the 2013 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp 2013).

The purpose of this Hackathon is to think, discuss, create, play, hack, and build real stuff. It will start with a bunch of embedded devices and other electronic things (sensors, robots, urban screens, toasters, etc.) provided by the event partners and will be asked to the participants to put them on social networks, to explore how to share them, make them talk to each other, secure them, and see what happens and what can be done.

  1. embedded devices, sensor networks, consumer electronics - i.e. anything physical that is programmable (or at least hackable)
  2. their integration with the Web (how to access share them, their APIs, the data they generate, how we can integrate them in social, etc)
  3. the reasons why it is important to put devices on the web, how to do it, and how to build apps upon them.

In the same room there will be developers/coders, hardware hackers, and interactive designers that will brainstorm on simple projects that combine programmable electronics, Web APIs, and social networks along with funny technologies and standards and it will be explored what it means to "publicize objects".

COMPOSE will also participate at the Web Of Things Hackathon by providing a draft implementation of the back-end mechanism for creating, storing and retrieving COMPOSE Service Objects. The service has been created by BSC and illustrates the management of virtual objects and the ability to store and retrieve sensor information from COMPOSE platform, based on an interface designed by EVRYTHNG. An HTTP Client wrapper for the Flyport open source hardware platform has been developed by CREATE-NET  so that participants can explore the platform with real sensor data. The feedback from users will be very valuable for the further future development of the COMPOSE back-end."

For further information please visit the following website:

Sunday, September 8, 2013 to Monday, September 9, 2013