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Developing the Internet of Things: Opportunities and Challenges

Carlos Pedrinaci (OU) gave a lecture with title "Developing the Internet of Things: Opportunities and Challenges" at the summer school of Advanced School on Service Oriented Computing 30 June – 5 July, 2014, Hersonissos Crete Greece.

" The Internet of Things (IoT) is an extension to the current Internet that enables communicating and interacting with physical objects and devices. In the last years, the Internet of Things has witnessed an outstanding evolution in terms of hardware, e.g., Arduino, communication technologies, RFID, and even adoption, e.g., Fitbit, NEST thermostats, etc. Given the scale and pervasiveness of the IoT, it is expected that it will revolutionise the world paving the way for the creation of smarter transport infrastructures, for saving energy and even for sustaining healthier lives.
Despite the opportunities offered, the IoT still presents a large number of challenges ranging from technical aspects to societal concerns. The development, deployment, and maintenance of IoT applications requires understanding novel communication technologies, handling communication and hardware heterogeneity, creating scalable and resilient deployments, and combining all these technologies with cutting-edge big data technologies to process the data generated. In this talk we shall see how service orientation represents an adequate paradigm for this new environment. We shall see, however, that existing solutions need to be enhanced and extended to deal with the unprecedented scale and heterogeneity faced, including notably the need for integrating state of the art big data technologies capable of dealing with the overwhelming flow of data that such applications generate and need to deal with. "

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