Collaborative Open Market to Place Objects at your Service

D9.1.2 Intermediate standardization report

This is an intermediate report on standardisation for the COMPOSE project. It reviews the COMPOSE project and then describes the standardisation workshop organised by W3C with the support of the COMPOSE project. The report then describes the vision of the Web of Things and the plans for a W3C Web of Things Interest Group that will work on use cases and requirements, best practices and identification of specific work items for standardisation. These are expected to cover descriptions of services and their dependencies, scripting APIs, data models, privacy and end to end security. W3C will work on standards for browsers (e.g. direct access to wearables and home automation from smart phones and tablets), service platforms in the cloud, or at the network edge (e.g. home hubs or embedded on phones/tablets) and gateways that bridge IoT and Web protocols.

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