Collaborative Open Market to Place Objects at your Service

D8.2.1 COMPOSE training plan

The COMPOSE project aims to perform research leading to the development of an IoT platform that will easily enable relevant stakeholders to be engaged. Stakeholders include (i) developers, who wish to develop services and applications based on real-world smart objects (ii) Smart objects providers and owners who wish their smart objects to be exposed and available to developers, and (iii) end-users who wish to make use of existing services and applications. The goal is to create such a platform that will automatically take the burden off the identified stakeholders and enable each one to concentrate on their areas of expertise while leaving all systems related aspects and more for the COMPOSE platform to take care. This deliverable provides a plan and description of the COMPOSE training activities. First, it identifies the different segments of the users and our audience that might benefit from training activities. Second, we propose the appropriate training activities that will be carried out and how these might vary for different target groups, along with the range of tools and training material types that will be employed. Third, we describe our overall training methodology that will be applied, which includes a description of the analysis, design, delivery and evaluation phases of the performed activities. Finally, a detailed activity plan and timeline is proposed for the duration of the project. The main goal of the training plan is to foster a community of developers around the COMPOSE platform.

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