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D8.131 Dissemination actions report

The present deliverable provides an overall report about the dissemination and collaboration actions that were carried out in this WP to communicate news and results about the COMPOSE project and set the basis for collaboration activities from M1-M12, which is the first project year. It describes all dissemination and collaboration activities carried out by members of our consortium, in other words what we have achieved in terms of the proposed plans: the D8.1.2 Dissemination Plan (M6) submitted to the EC. The document presents a description of the dissemination channels (Website, Newsletter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, GitHub and Blog), a complete list of contents created in the COMPOSE project and disseminated (Publications, Interactive contents, deliverables, ...), the status of Training events (Hackathon 1 in Zurich and other partners’ activities) organized by project partners, and it describes ongoing collaboration activities established in COMPOSE with different communities.

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