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D8.1.2 COMPOSE Dissemination Plan

The COMPOSE project deliverable D8.1.2 “Dissemination Plan” describes the overall strategy and approach for the dissemination of technical and knowledge results that will be developed within the COMPOSE project. The deliverable illustrates the drivers and the rationale behind the approach to dissemination and clarifies all the dimensions and tools necessary to produce a clear communication framework. This document is structured in four main parts. The first part of the document addresses the clear identification of dissemination objectives, the description of strategy and approach to address them. In particular, the core elements of the dissemination plan – target groups, contents and channels - are defined and described. In this section the strategic relationship between the three elements will be elaborated, i.e. through which channel we will reach a specific target, and which specific contents will be disseminated through the specific channels. The second part will present the identification and high level scheduling of the most meaningful events that will be organized by the project in order to directly involve external partners and external communities in supporting, validating and contributing to project objectives. The third part is dedicated to the identification of the main targets that the project will address in order to build a real community of interest and of contributors around the project. The last part of the document is dedicated to the definition of the operational plan for dissemination in order to internally define and share procedures and templates that will be in use for the entire COMPOSE project duration.

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