Collaborative Open Market to Place Objects at your Service

D8.1.1 COMPOSE website establishment

The COMPOSE website has been designed and implemented in order to provide useful information concerning project description, news, publications, results and other relevant material. From this point of view, the website is intended to be a central point for project dissemination. It will offer information about the project and about COMPOSE-related events. It will also provide publicity material, questionnaires, flyers and relevant information accessible for download. Besides acting as a dissemination channel for the project, the website intends also to offer a public space for user discussion about main topics addressed by the COMPOSE project, in particular about the marketplace of services for the Internet of Things, thanks to the usage of social networking features. The site is designed as a web 2.0 platform that allows accessing information concerning the project and participation from the community in order to share the contents over several social networks, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. The COMPOSE website aims to realize an effective communication and knowledge dissemination towards all key stakeholders (industrial stakeholders, software communities, SMEs, public sector, citizens) of COMPOSE marketplace potential, of its innovative approach in terms of access and use of marketplace services. The design of the website is compliant with standard practices for improving usability for the navigation and clarity. It is structured in a way that allows periodical updates with low maintenance effort as new information is made available. The adopted solution for the website realization is based on Drupal, an open source CMS (Content Management System) widely adopted as backend system for website realization, ranging from personal blogs to corporate and public government sites.

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