Collaborative Open Market to Place Objects at your Service

D7.3.2 Use cases implementation – Final version

The COMPOSE project aims to perform research leading to the development of an IoT platform that will easily enable relevant stakeholders to be engaged. Stakeholders include (i) developers, who wish to develop services and applications based on real-world smart objects (ii) Smart objects providers and owners who wish their smart objects to be exposed and be made available to developers, and (iii) end-users who wish to make use of existing services and applications. The goal is to create such a platform that will automatically take the burden off the identified stakeholders and enable each one to concentrate on their own areas of expertise while leaving all systems related aspects for the COMPOSE platform to take care of. This document provides an updated description on the COMPOSE pilots by providing both an architectural and functional review of their main aspects. Deliverable also place the pilots within the COMPOSE context by reviewing how the use cases are deployed on the system architecture.

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