Collaborative Open Market to Place Objects at your Service

D7.1.1 Use cases identification, analysis and requirements specification

The COMPOSE project aims to perform research leading to the development of an IoT platform that will easily enable relevant stakeholders to be engaged. Stakeholders include (i) developers, who wish to develop services and applications based on real-world smart objects (ii) Smart objects providers and owners who wish their smart objects to be exposed and be made available to developers, and (iii) end-users who wish to make use of existing services and applications. The goal is to create such a platform that will automatically take the burden off the identified stakeholders and enable each one to concentrate on their own areas of expertise while leaving all systems related aspects for the COMPOSE platform to take care of. This document identifies and analyses the use cases that will drive the prototyping of the COMPOSE pilots. The use cases requirements are also specified and described in terms of technical details that will enable the implementation in the following phases of the Project. More specifically, requirements about Devices, and Data Object representation are presented. The manner in which Pilots are integrated with the core COMPOSE platform, and functional requirements as well as security, data anonymity and trust issues are discussed. This deliverable will drive not only the development of the Pilots but also the implementation of the COMPOSE back-end infrastructure for meeting the needs of the Use Cases in terms of user interfacing, data exchange, access to external data resources, communication with sensors and requirements about data security and user privacy

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