Collaborative Open Market to Place Objects at your Service

D6.1.1 Functional requirements and specification of open marketplace developers API

The aim of this deliverable is to specify the functional requirements for the externally visible interfaces (marketplace and developer portal) of the COMPOSE platform. This includes defining the externally visible Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and the related Software Development Kit (SDK) to the Open Marketplace that developers should use to create services or applications. Furthermore Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for stakeholders such as providers, developers and end-users are defined. This is notably reflected in software wizards for smart object management, Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for service compositions and last but not least the marketplace as digital applications distribution platform for COMPOSE services and applications. From the project consortium perspective interfaces between COMPOSE platform components and Open Marketplace components are identified including descriptions of the information flow between them. The analysis is driven by aligning the semantic specifications for services and applications of WP2 and WP3 with best practices in software engineering to provide developers with a clean and usable set of APIs. The deliverable analyses requirements for designing and building the actual marketplace where end-users can buy and manage their applications and services. The analysis encompasses finding the necessary capabilities of the back- and front-end components. As conclusion the deliverable specifies the first draft of the developers API for the Open Marketplace which will be implemented in the next step. The outcome of this deliverable comprises specifications for the external interfaces for objects, services and applications based on the semantic models and internal interface specifications from D1.3.1 (Service modelling and representation) and D3.1.1.1 (Dynamic large-scale service discovery). These external interfaces are especially tailored for creating services or applications for the marketplace and thus expose different features than the internal APIs. The results of the analysis of the Open Marketplace requirements serve as input for D6.2 (Developer SDK and IDE) and D6.3 (Cross-platform GUI for endusers) prototypes. The deliverable presents the first complete version of the architecture document for the externally visible interfaces, but is not seen as the final product, rather it is the first step in an iterative process that will be further refined as we advance with the design, implementation, and validation of different aspects of the project. The deliverable starts from a high-level description of the Open Marketplace including components such as marketplace, developer portal and interfaces to the COMPOSE platform. Based on this grounding the deliverable delves into more detailed descriptions of the underlying components, and the interactions thereof. In addition the external API is presented in a first draft as initial step for the following implementation activities

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