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D5.4.1 Inter- and intra-service information flow analysis

With this document, we provide a description of the first inter- and intra-service information flow analysis prototype. In addition a short introduction to the in WP5 developed policies and contracts is provided to make the deliverable self-containing. The inter as well as the intra service flow analysis is performed in a static and dynamic manner and provides the possibility to automatically analyse COMPOSE applications. In addition to the analysis of single COMPOSE applications, also flows between several COMPOSE applications is analysed. The current prototype also supports the reconfiguration for simple, non-compliant flows. The performed static and the dynamic analysis complement each other e.g. the static analysis provides feedback to the developers and the dynamic analysis ensure precise analysis and enforcement during execution. The prototype, presented in this document, has not been integrated into the COMPOSE platform yet. Instead it is integrated into a stand alone Node-RED instance. This demonstrates the analytical features in a similar environment, since COMPOSE itself uses Node-RED as a basis for the creation and deployment of data processing pipes, COMPOSE applications, and COMPOSE workflows.

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