Collaborative Open Market to Place Objects at your Service

D4.1.3 Enhanced implementation of the COMPOSE runtime

The demonstrated run-time is a highly scalable cloud Runtime Environment hosting applications, workflows, and service objects in the COMPOSE ecosystem. This is a corner stone of the COMPOSE architecture, such that all components are architected in a manner that is deployable by the provided COMPOSE cloud run-time platform. The COMPOSE cloud is responsible for the management of services accessible through the COMPOSE marketplace, including their core functionalities (e.g., search and discovery, assisted composition, etc.). We started our quest by surveying existing technologies and picking up the one most suitable for COMPOSE to use as a starting point. The conclusion was that Cloud Foundry, an open and extensible PaaS technology is the best basis for the COMPOSE run-time. The present prototype is a customization of the Cloud Foundry PaaS cloud to the specific requirements of the IoT world, as manifested by COMPOSE. A Universal Service Broker is introduced which helps incorporating into the OCMPOSE run-time newly developed services. This is demonstrated by the incorporation of the scalable communication infrastructure as a service to the COMPOSE platform. In addition, we demonstrate the manner in which COMPOSE applications are pushed and hosted by the cloud, and the manner in which they bind to the services they need, as well as being able to exchange information between them. We present additional services that we added to the platform for the IoT customization. These services include security, a COMPOSE controller, service discovery, and the data management layer. Finally, an external application connects to a COMPOSE application and interacts with it to present the COMPOSE application internal data and capabilities. This document aims to accompany the final prototype of the COMPOSE run-time platform rather than provide a detailed design document of the demonstrated system. A full-fledged detailed design document is scheduled for the end of the project.

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