Collaborative Open Market to Place Objects at your Service

D32.2.2 Prototype of the service monitoring tools

This document aims to accompany the prototype of the COMPOSE monitoring tools. The monitoring component consists of three kinds of entities, namely the monitoring communication infrastructure, the producers of monitoring information and the consumers of monitoring information. The monitoring infrastructure nicely fits into the effort of producing a unified technical approach to communication related components within COMPOSE. Thus, the platform makes use of the scalable communication infrastructure already deployed as a part of the COMPOSE platform, for the transport of the monitoring information. Moreover the producers and consumers of monitoring information make use of extensions of the communication infrastructure for their proper operation. Monitoring information producers come in different flavours. First, the built-in communication system membership information sharing scheme provides an indication as to the liveness of its own components which can represent external entities they are engulfed with. In addition specific local agents operate in specific parts of the platform providing information stemming from their own running environments, while making use of internal cloud management infrastructure as well. We demonstrate producers of COMPOSE applications liveness information, as well as Web Objects liveness, and platform infrastructure liveness information. We demonstrate several monitoring information consumers, chief among them is the COMPOSE cloud controller which is in charge of deployment and lifecycle management, which needs this information for its own proper functioning. In addition we present an administrative dashboard which collects and displays summary monitoring information.

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