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D31.3.2 Assisted service composition engine – Final prototype

The development of applications for the Internet of Things is expected to be characterised by the need to reuse and integrate various sensors, actuators, applications, and remote services. Those components of future Internet of Things applications will have to be adequately discovered among an overwhelming set of potential sources of data and functionality, and they will have to be combined in an effective yet seamless way. To this end, the COMPOSE platform provides an Assisted Service Composition Engine which is in charge of supporting application developers in building such applications. The engine aims to provide automated support for developers that can, given the semantics of the data available and the semantics of the data required to be obtained, automatically generate possible compositions. The final version of the service composition described in this deliverable, is focused on the integration of the composition engine with other components of the COMPOSE platform, including the developers’ portal (see WP6), service discovery and service recommender (see WP3.1), static analysis (see WP5) and trust scorer (see section 2.5). This deliverable provides a description of the architecture and data workflow for Assisted Service Composition Engine. In addition it includes detailed information about application programming interfaces, which enable the interaction between involved components.

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