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D31.1.2 Dynamic large-scale service discovery – Final prototype

The service discovery infrastructure aims to provide a common registry that keeps track of all service objects and applications hosted in the COMPOSE platform as well as other publicly available services and Web APIs. As part of the service management work package, it provides interfaces for updating and querying this registry, and specifically discovering services using diverse search criteria exploiting, among others, the semantic descriptions of services. The service registry and discovery engine are based on semantic technology which supports the representation of services in a way such that automated reasoning can be directly applied in order to provide advanced discovery capabilities. The backend, consisting of a clustered RDF data store preceded by a load balancer, has been devised to support IoT requirements. Namely, a scalable back-end is demonstrated in which data is replicated over a configurable number of servers achieving fault tolerance and linear scalability for the predominant workload which is read mostly. This document aims to accompany the final prototype of the service discovery component.

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