Collaborative Open Market to Place Objects at your Service

D2.4.1 Prototype of the object actuation specification and components

Object actuation is one of the challenges of the Internet of Things. COMPOSE provides a rich platform to develop IoT-based services that focuses mainly on object data manipulation, but that does not forget about actuation. This document describes how actuation is tackled in this initial prototype of the COMPOSE platform. Several client libraries are developed to provide capabilities to interact with the platform: from relatively powerful smart phones (mainly Android at this stage) to really lightweight devices such as the Arduino are covered at this point. The communication between the platform and devices can be driven through a REST API or through a MQTT transport in the current version of servIoTicy. MQTT has been chosen because of its convenience for low-power IoT devices. Therefore, MQTT has been chosen as the transport to deliver actuation requests to the devices, defining a topic structure and a data model for initiating actuations on devices. The MQTT transport can be optionally used to interact with the platform and completely avoid the use of the REST API by small devices. The document is accompanied by two videos that show how the platform is leveraged to deliver actions, first using the COMPOSE MobileSDK on an Android device, and later in an Arduino device using the client library developed in the scope of the project. Additionally, the servioticy virtual appliance is enabled with some sample code for emulation of actuation requests dispatching.

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