Collaborative Open Market to Place Objects at your Service

D2.3.2 Prototype of the object composition components

At the core of the COMPOSE project there is the capability to compose data streams through the Service Object abstraction, and to store, digest and process the data being generated by those objects. The purpose of this document is to describe the components that provide the capabilities of data stream composition, transformation and filtering in real time in COMPOSE. The architecture chosen looks for scalability and performance as a must, and therefore builds on top of highly scalable distributed components. The data processing infrastructure is accessed through a REST API that isolates the users and devices from the internals of the platform. The object composition components have been released as open source projects within the servIoTicy platform ( that groups all developments performed in WP2 around the topic of data processing. The document is accompanied by a video that describes the use of the servIoTicy stream processing features, and by a fully featured Virtual Appliance that can be downloaded from the servIoTicy portal to get a local deployment of the platform. An online service has been also deployed and is openly accessible to the consortium members and to external users willing to use it under request.

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