Collaborative Open Market to Place Objects at your Service

Work Packages

The following picture shows the work packages of the project:


WP1 is dedicated to gathering and analysing requirements and designing components models and the overall architecture to produce a detailed design to drive the implementation of the COMPOSE open marketplace.

WP2 is responsible for research, design, and development of objects management for rendering them accessible and interoperable as high-level services.

WP3.1-2 cover research, design, and development of service management and deployment, focusing on aspects of efficient discovery, recommendation, composition of services, and their efficient and distributed deployment.

WP4 focuses on the design and development of a highly scalable and flexible communication and runtime infrastructure for smooth integration of service objects and their compositions.

WP5 is responsible for research and development of security mechanisms for enabling developers to design secure service and applications by guarding the information flow before and during the deployment of services.

WP6 focuses on enabling the complete COMPOSE ecosystem by designing and developing a software development kit (SDK) and web-based cross-platform frontend for facilitating access to the COMPOSE ecosystem.

WP7 handles the analysis of the COMPOSE ecosystem in the business context and develops application scenarios for piloting COMPOSE technology and its assessment in a realistic setting.

WP8 is in charge of dissemination activities, spreading the scientific and technical achievements of the project, and organizing trainings for engaging stakeholders.

WP9 facilitates the standardization and exploitation activities.

WP10 is devoted to overall project coordination activities.