Collaborative Open Market to Place Objects at your Service

Compose Newsletter, March - May 2014

Collaborative Open Market to Place Objects at your Service
  Compose Newsletter March - May 2014  

COMPOSE will create an ecosystem for unleashing the power of the IoT via an easy transformation to an IoS. COMPOSE technology will enable the creation of base services, composite services, and applications stemming from and operating on smart objects.

IoT Week in London




COMPOSE project is participating in the IoT Week Hackathon in London (June 16-19) with the Service Composition Challenge: 

Become creative with OpenData and smart devices and win nice prizes!

Charalampos Doukas from CREATE-NET will be hosting the “Best Practises for involving communities in European IoT Projects’ during the upcoming IoT Week in London (June 16-19), for more information see

In this Issue


COMPOSE at IBM Impact 2014 in Las Vegas, USA

On April 27, at IBM Impact 2014 (, in Las Vegas, NV, USA, Yoav Tock (IBM Research) introduced the attendees to COMPOSE project with a presentation entitled Building an "Internet of Things as-a-Service" Using IBM BlueMix

BlueMix, IBM's version of CloudFoundry's open PaaS, is the cornerstone of the COMPOSE architecture. BlueMix enables easy web application hosting, seamless integration with data and messaging services, and inherent scalability. We demonstrate how BlueMix serves to implement COMPOSE's ambitious goals.

COMPOSE at AngelHack in Bolzano, Italy

COMPOSE project has been presented during the Internet of Things workshop at AngelHack Bolzano ( in May 10th in Bolzano, Italy. Charalampos Doukas has presented an overview of Internet of Things technologies and how developers can utilise COMPOSE components to build and host IoT application using open source tools. 

Slide of the presentation are available here:

COMPOSE at TechPeaks in Trento, Italy

For the TechPeaks Innovation Barcamp organized in Trento on April 17 and 18, COMPOSE was presented to the participants from Charalampos Doukas, senior researcher at CREATE-NET. Charalampos' presentation focused on how to realize the Internet of Things, how build applications and products, and most specifically about what COMPOSE can offer to enterpreneurs and startups for quickly develop their IoT solutions on the cloud.

COMPOSE at the IoT Day 2014 in Trento, Italy

On April 9, 2014, in Trento, the historical venue of Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) hosted the Trento IoT Day 2014. On that occasion, Fabio Antonelli presented to all the participants the COMPOSE project, characteristics and features of its platform and architecture, and its potentialities.

COMPOSE at Euroshop 2014 in Duesseldorf, Germany

U-Hopper participated to Euroshop 2014, the leading exhibition in the retailing sector. Euroshop is a European fair being organized every three years, which focuses on the many facets of retail. U-Hopper participated and presented RetailerIN, the COMPOSE application scenario on Smart Retailing.

It has been a great experience for collecting feedback on the various use cases implemented in the scenario.

COMPOSE at Cloudwatch in Brussels, Belgium

On March 12 and 13, in Brussels, Benjamin Mandler (IBM Israel) presented the COMPOSE project at Cloudwatch . A good occasion to discuss with the participants the fact that at the end of the first year, COMPOSE released a first version of the overall architecture, and has several demonstrations available, including data management, services discovery, scalable communication, and an initial prototype of the smart spaces pilot.

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