Collaborative Open Market to Place Objects at your Service

Compose Newsletter, June 2014

Collaborative Open Market to Place Objects at your Service
  Compose Newsletter June 2014  

COMPOSE will create an ecosystem for unleashing the power of the IoT via an easy transformation to an IoS. COMPOSE technology will enable the creation of base services, composite services, and applications stemming from and operating on smart objects.

COMPOSE at IoTWeek 2014 Hackfest in London

In the second week of June, COMPOSE Partners co-organized the first IoT Hackfest that was held during the IoT Week 2014 at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in the heart of London. The event was an opportunity for different leading european projects to interact and integrate their platforms and for participants to test and evaluate the different components provided by the project. During three days, members of COMPOSE had the opportunity to showcase the platform and assist participants in the usage and integration into their applications. 6 Teams of 5 people each had the challenge to integrate these platforms, as well as different devices and sensors in an innovative application.

One of the teams (Team Airy) was fully dedicated to COMPOSE, formed by external people to the project, as well as some COMPOSE members who assisted in the integration.

The Idea

The Team Airy wanted to learn about the air quality in each of the rooms at the IoT Week Conference. They used some development boards from ( and OpenPicus ( to quickly assemble a family of sensors in several “weather stations” that were deployed in each room of the conference, streaming their data into COMPOSE and presenting it on the web for all to see.

The Platform and hardware

The team used the COMPOSE platform to store and make the information provided by the sensors accessible. They streamed the data from the sensors into servioticy by leveraging the Mobile SDK provided for the OpenPicus and devices. GlueThings interface was used to create the correspondent Service Objects and to register to the platform and get access credentials.

Accessing the COMPOSE REST API the values were retrieved from a dashboard website where the real time data was visualized and combined to create different graphs and heatmaps on the readings from the sensors that were deploy in the 4 rooms belonging to the IoT Week conference.

The Code

All the code is open source and accessible on COMPOSE GitHub site at

Additional info about the submission can be found at

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Thanks to the team Airy who successfully integrated COMPOSE in their application idea. Specially to Rory O’Keeffe and Jason Ruame from CIRKIT. Also thanks to Luca Panziera - The Open University, Iker Larizgoitia - EVRYTHNG, and Ferit Topcu - FOKUS for assisting participants in the usage of COMPOSE.


Thanks to the support of OpenPicus and who provided full equipped devices that were used for the  creation of the weather stations by the participating team.


Thanks to CREATE-NET and EVRYTHNG for the organizational efforts and BSC, The Open University and FOKUS for its support on the preparations and on-site assistance.


And finally thanks to the rest of the attendees for engaging with COMPOSE and provide feedback on the tools and features of the platform.


As part of the IoT Hackfest several challenges were proposed to the participants and a jury of experts evaluated the ideas and outcomes of each team during the hackathon. Our team was awarded the special prize on the Connectivity Challenge, which recognized the use of different devices and access technologies in an integrated fashion.

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