Collaborative Open Market to Place Objects at your Service

Compose newsletter July 2013

Collaborative Open Market to Place Objects at your Service
  Compose Newsletter July 2013  

COMPOSE will create an ecosystem for unleashing the power of the IoT via an easy transformation to an IoS. COMPOSE technology will enable the creation of base services, composite services, and applications stemming from and operating on smart objects.

COMPOSE at the first IoT Day in Italy
IoT experts gathered in Trento to share their experiences and show through practical demonstrators the innovation potential of IoT and connected objects.The event was also an opportunity to present the EU COMPOSE project that aims at creating an open marketplace of services for the Internet of Things.

3rd FOKUS Media Web Symposium 2013, Berlin
During the Fraunhofer Fokus Media Web Symposium, Dr. Raggett, which is currently involved also in the COMPOSE Eu Project, held a presentation on Smart Cities as a Web of people, things and services and on how it is possible to expand the Web beyond desktop and mobile to the Web of Things.

COMPOSE at Cloudscape V: Cloud for savings, cloud for quality
Dr. Rober Kleinfeld (Fokus) has presented the COMPOSE poster, showing the collaborative open market, the objectives and the Research Challenges of COMPOSE Eu Project.

Smart City Expo: the visions of future cities
The Barcelona Smart City Export was an moment of discussion related to the COMPOSE vision, thanks to Abertis Telecom, the pioneer in the creation of the first Smart Zone in Spain, which has set up a booth where the COMPOSE project has been introduced to the participants.

COMPOSE Participation in IoT-Week 2013
COMPOSE has participated in the IoT Week event in Helsinki. The IoT Week is an annual weekly event with more than 20 European research projects in the context of the Internet of Things presenting their progress and outcomes. The main objectives of COMPOSE, status and initiatives for semantic interoperability have been presented."


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2nd IEEE International Conference on PDGC
Dr. Eliezer Dekel from IBM presented the vision of the future internet, underling the importance of the Internet of Things and focusing the attention on the COMPOSE project.
User-Guided Rewriting for Plugin-Enabled ANdroid ApplicatiOn Security -
Discover here the paper written by Daniel Schrecking, Stephan Huber, Focke Hohne and Joachim Possegga which has been illustrated at WISP 2013 in Hersonissos (Greece).
A journey from the IoT to IoS
The 27th IEEE AINA 2013 was held in Barcelona and was a way in which some researchers of the IOT were enhancing a presentation of the COMPOSE Eu project related to the argument of Internet of Things and Internet of Services.
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