Collaborative Open Market to Place Objects at your Service


COMPOSE design, development, and validation will be based on innovative use cases highlighting different aspects of the platform.

The foreseen use cases are:

  • Smart Shopping Spaces: this use cases will pilot COMPOSE in shopping environments, focusing on the dynamic composition and delivery of services starting from products available in shops.
  • Smart City (Barcelona): Ample amount and diversity of sensors are deployed at a Barcelona district under the supervision of a COMPOSE partner. Along with Barcelona's OpenData, COMPOSE intends to showcase life in a smart city by creating a group of city services for the citizens.
  • Smart Territory (Trentino): With the collaboration of regional network providers, the tourism board, and meteorological data providers, COMPOSE will explore innovative services for tourists. This pilot aims to enhance the tourist experience by exploiting COMPOSE technologies for the creation of personalized, social- and environmentally-aware (web and mobile) tourism services and territory monitoring services that leverage the regional networking and environmental infrastructures